Analog Frequency Meter 96x96


Frequency meters are suitable for the measurement of the frequency of an a.c. supply. All meters have a jewel and pivot movement which ensures reliability and accuracy. The frequency meters are available in shortscale (90°) versions or longscale (240°) versions (DIN72 & DIN96 only). All frequency meters have interchangeable scaleplates. Scales are linear and are calibrated from 45 to 65Hz with a suppressed zero. Frequency meters with dual scales (Hz & rpm) are available to display generator speed. High frequency (360-440Hz) meters and dual voltage input (110V & 230V) frequency meters are also available.

Available to measure frequency (Hz)
DIN square 48mm, 72mm or 96mm sizes
Interchangeable scaleplates
90° shortscale or 240° longscale versions
Customer special scaleplates available