Analog Voltmeter AC 72x72


Moving iron meters are suitable for the measurement of true rms a.c. current or voltage. All moving iron meters have interchangeable scaleplates. Scales are non-linear and are calibrated down to 20% of full scale. Ammeters are available with a 2x overload as standard or a 6x overload for monitoring motor start up currents. Voltmeters are also available with scales for high voltage measurement via voltage transformers. All moving iron meters are calibrated for operation at 50/60Hz but calibration at 400Hz is available upon request. Moving iron meters may be used to measure d.c. at reduced accuracy.

Available to measure A~ or V~
DIN square 48mm, 72mm or 96mm sizes
Interchangeable scaleplates
90° shortscale movements
Customer special scaleplates available