Earth Leakage Relays

Measuring Parameter  Monitors True RMS Earth Leakage Current (upto 30A)
Trip Setting

 30mA – 30A

Time Ranges

 0-10 Sec.

Output Contact  1 x SPNO Relay / 1 x SPDT Relay
Terminal Protection


Supply Voltage (Un): 24, 115/230, 400VAC (85-115%)
12-125V DC (85-110%)
10-60V DC(90-110%)
Power Consumption: 6VA
Ambient Temperature -20 to +55°C
Relative Humidity +95%
Housing UL94VO Flame Retardant
Weight 200g
Mounting 35mm Din Rail
Output: 1 x SPNO relay 1 x SPDT relay
Terminal Protection: IP 20
Approvals: IEC 60755, 60947, 62020, 61543
Product Selection                                       
Part No. Sensitivity Time Delay Frequency Voltage
ELR - SM30 30mA-30A 0-10 secs 50/60Hz 115/230VAC
Note: Other voltages and frequencies are available by request