Input Voltage AC

115-230 V AC    

Output Voltage DC 5 V DC
Output Current 5A
 Input Data
Nominal Input Voltage (2 x Vac) 115 – 230 Vac
Input Voltage Range (Vac) 90 - 264
Inrush Current (Vn and In Load) I 2t 7A 5msec.
Frequency 47 – 63 Hz ±6%
Input Current  (115 – 230 Vac) 0.5 - 0.25 A
Internal Fuse T 4 A
External Fuse (recommended) 6 A (MCBcurve B)
Output Data
Output Voltage (Vn)  Factory Setting ±3% 5  Vdc
Adjustment range (Vadj) 4.75  – 5.25 Vdc
Start up with Strong Load (capacitive load) ≤50.000µ F
Turn-On delay after applying mains voltage 1 sec. (max)
Continuous Current at 5 V 40°C  (In) 5A
Continuous Current at 5 V 50°C  (In) 5A
Power Boost Current at 5 V 50°C  (In) 5A
Power Boost Current at 5 Vdc 50°C(In) 7 A up to 3 min.
Current max. Overload ≅        4Vdc (permanent) Imax=In50°C x(1.8 -2.2)
Max current Short Circuit (Icc) 10 A
Hold-up Time ( min. Vac)  12Vdc 5A T yp. 20 msec
Residual Ripple 80 mVpp
Efficiency 82 %
Over temperature Protection Yes. Shut-down output and automatic restart.
Short-circuit protection Yes, Continuous Mode
Dissipation power load max (W) 6
Over Load protection Yes, Continuous Mode
Over Voltage Output protection Yes (typ. 15 Vdc)
Parallel connection Yes